2017-18 School Year ***On-call - various locations.  6 to 8 weeks

*** Must be able to Lift

Approximate hours are 8:15-3:45

This position requires confidentiality, ability to work well with students and staff,  ability to react to change productively and handle essential tasks as assigned.


Assists students with personal hygiene needs: toileting, diapering, feeding.  Places, lifts

     and positions students in standers or walkers as directed

Assists with implementing individual and classroom behavior management plans which may include, reinforcing     

     social skills, documenting behavior, and maintaining on-task appropriate behavior.

Supervises the student in non-classroom activities, such as recess, lunch, bus boarding, and restroom breaks.

Supports certified personnel by assisting with the academic instruction of individual or small groups of students to

     reinforce and follow-up learning: including accompanying students to general education classes, lunch and other